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Nick O’Brien
Bach Appl Sc (TCM), UWS
Dip Cert. Nanjing, China
GradDipPsych USYD (pending)  

*fit-ness gu-ru (noun)

  1. Bringing lightness to bodies and minds
  2. Facilitating fun, fitness and friends 
  3. Fat burner, muscle toner, motivations mender

What people say...
Inspiring, fun, intelligent, sense of humour,
Customized, high-end training, with lots of gear and constant variety

My Background...
Having been fascinated by the many aspects and definitions of health since the age of ten. I use the best of many different cultures and health definitions to give you the best body/mind connection for the busy modern world.
Based on modern psychology, cutting edge motivational techniques and traditional eastern medicine and philosophy, I'm an expert at changing perception, supporting change and bringing you into a new you with more energy and wisdom. 
Combining many different practical forms of western sport training and eastern fitness you'll not only look good, you will feel good, and your friends and family will know the difference. 

What I offer my clients…
1. A strong, flexible and agile body created by a dynamic mix of unique training techniques and philosophies. 
2. A genuine happiness and acceptance in one's body (Where ever you are in your journey!).
3. Taking joy in healthy movement 
4. Knowing that you have a healthy happy body that is built to last. 

M Resume:
Cert 3 in Fitness (gym instructor)
Cert 4 in Fitness (group fitness instructor / personal trainer)
Senior First Aid / CPR
Fitness Australia Member
FIA Member

Taichi and Qi Gong training (accredited instructor)
Shoalin kempo 2 yrs (including boxing training)
Hoshin jutsu 2 years (Assistant instructor)
Postgraduate diploma in Psychology
Lived and worked in Chinese acupuncture hospital (specialising in oncology and women's health)
4 years Degree in Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine - specialising in Lifestyle and mental emotional transitions and women's health. 
Acupuncture (dry needling)
Cupping and moxabustion




About Us

Personal Training
Zenith is a leading provider of health and fitness services in the Inner-West and Eastern Sydney region.

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Eastern Sydney Suburbs
Including the Inner-west and Eastern Sydney region
  (+61) 0433 712 611      
E-mail: info@zhw.com.au


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