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ZHW Boot Camp


Are you looking for reliable competent fitness classes that are hard working AND safe? 
Want to be part of a fun and hard working group? 

Feeling stressed from work and like to blow off some steam and get great physical results from it?

Like to know you've still got what it takes?  

Most of all do you want to tone up and feel great and have a good time?


Boot camp inner west


Then ZHW Bootcamp is the class for you. 


Combining humour with hard work, fun with functionality join the ZHW Boot Camp and watch extraordinary changes taking place. This is not a flash in the pan fitness gimmick. With over twelve years experience teaching and extensive studies in health sciences, sport sciences, psychology and eastern medicine this is not just dragging logs around a park or being yelled at early in the morning.  This fitness group is your ticket to a happier healthier body and mind.


When you join ZHW Bootcamp you are joining a winning team, and you will really feel the difference. Our boot camp will give you the grunt to go further!

ZHW Boot camp Brings together cutting edge scientific research and a solid background in sports, martial arts and boxing. Activities are varied every session from dynamic circuits and team exercises through to individual challenges.


From basic strength and cardio training using a vast array of equipment and techniques to more challenging martial arts, boxing fitness and functional coordination exercises. This is then balanced with extensive stretches, balancing exercises and rigorous core training to keep you fit strong and injury free for life. 
Additionally the program utilizes comparable bench marks, so you really know how you're improving.

With these dynamic classes you'll never lose interest. And most importantly you really will have a good time!


ZHW Bootcamp is not your ordinary fitness class, no running around with logs and ropes, just the real deal for real results. 


For more information contact info@zhw.com.au


    Boot camp inner west   boot camp inner west




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