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Nick O'Brien Counselling


Nick O'Brien

Bach Appl Sc (TCM), UWS
Dip Cert. Nanjing, China
GradDipPsych USYD (pending)


With over fifteen years of experience in working with people together, with training in acupuncture, counselling, energy work and psychology, I can offer a much needed and unique perspective on mental emotional health, and the gateways to general wellbeing.


If everything in life is only a 'learning experience', then these experiences will repeat themselves endlessly until we fully understand them, and learn the lessons they are teaching us.


Even negative experiences can be very powerful, in that they are a catalyst for change. Understood, they can be a wonderful opportunity to reassess, and become connected to what really matters in your life.


So often difficulties come into our lives to teach us to become more empowered, more aware and more connected to who we really are. As such, an objective and insightful perspective can be essential to get you back on track.


There are significant changes, challenges and set backs in everybody's lives, and these can often seem mind-numbingly overwhelming. Without proper help, people may often drown in these situations

nick counselling


How I can help

I seek to offer an empowering and insightful perspective, which provides the support and empathy to find a lighter, more positive path to personal growth and understanding, while, at the same time, helping to get rid of the detritus of life which has been holding you back from finding your true self.
My therapy sessions are designed to support you to open up to yourself, so that you can get on with living an amazing life, free from the shackles of other-peoples' doctrines and opinions.

Therapy sessions usually take from 1-2 hrs, depending on the situation and will cost $90.00/Hr.
However if you find that you can't afford that, please pay what you can.

It's not about the money, it's about helping people to find themselves. Please call me on 0433-712-611 to make an appointment.



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