Activities for the elderly  Activities for the elderly  Activities for the elderly  Activities for the elderly  Activities for the elderly


Zenith Healthy Ageing


Zenith Healthy Ageing is a home-delivered health management service specifically aimed at supporting the aged care community. There comes a time in everybody's lives when the restrictions of ageing need to be approached with resolution and optimism. 


Eastern medicine has long prided itself on the concept of graceful ageing, and more recently western medicine quality of life studies have shown that the ‘wisdom’ that comes with age allows for some of the most enjoyable years of our lives. However this enjoyment is completely contingent upon primary physical and mental health factors. Which, with the right help, can be readily addressed leading to dramatic reduction or even prevention.


Zenith Healthy Ageing includes programs designed for the following:


  1. Increased balance and fall prevention

  2. Increased muscle strength and coordination

  3. Increased bone density

  4. Improved cognitive function and mental alertness.


If you or your loved one is interested in our service, please contact Nick O’Brien on 04433712611 and arrange a free assessment interview. 



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 Activities for the elderly
Zenith is a leading provider of health and fitness services in the Inner-West and Eastern Sydney region.

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