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Are you one of those people who can't stand running?
Or would you like to but it's just too hard, or too boring?


Well Jogging for Joy is the solution for you...


Jogging for joy is a running club like no other. Designed for beginners runners, individuals who can't stand the clock ticking, the pavement pounding, and a dreary mind mantra-ing :

" Am I there yet? Am I there yet?" This unique running class gives you all the motivational and physical tools needed to make you the perfect fun runner. Yes that’s right you can become a person that actually enjoys running.


Exercise should be fun. After all you've got to keep doing it for a long time if you're going to make any lasting changes. And why not come along with us and learn to run well, safely and with Joy.  You will be given all the running techniques you need.


Running does not have to be timed, in fact, the more demands you place on yourself when running the more likely you will end up injured and uninspired. And its meant to be fun! (Believe it or not.) And when you realize that, you are well on your way to becoming an excellent runner, and get to know why they call fun runs, “fun runs”.
This is what's called finding your pace, the place where you’re working but not over doing it. 


Pace running should be your only real goal. And when you find the process too unkind or harsh, then it's time to stop for moment, adjust the attitude and catch your breath a little. This is what this running group specializes in. In fact science is now catching up with this intuitive knowledge as more and more research indicates the bodies best results are found in the middle level cardiovascular training, before the adrenal-cortical stress circuit is activated.


So come and join us at Jogging for Joy and you'll be given all the physical, emotional and psychological tools needed to make you a great fun runner. 


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