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Want to get your pre baby body back but don’t want to commit to a gym or classes that you might not even get to?

Are you looking for a fitness mothers group?

Want to have fun getting fit outdoors and make a few friends along the way?



If yes then ZHW Mums and bubs Fitness is for you! Using a gentle approach tailored to each person's level we tone arms, flatten stomachs, renew energy, reduce weight, tone legs, reduce stress, isolation and boredom, whilst creating fun and a good laugh along the way.


“Nick’s postnatal fitness class was a godsend, It really breaks up the day and lets me have that little bit of me time I need.” GM – Summer Hill


“ZHW mums and bubs exercise is like a fun fitness mothers group, we even go for coffee afterwards!” PL – Dulwich Hill


“Thanks ZHW and Ashfield for setting up this great initiative! But the support of these classes, the exercises and the other women really helped me get through those sleep deprived early stages.” JG - Ashfield


Having a baby is a real challenge, time wise, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. It can be really exhausting.
Understanding this we got together with local council and created a subsidized postnatal fitness program specifically aimed at helping busy tired mums. And it’s been a great success for over 4 years! (have link to newspaper article)


What do we do in ZHW Mums and Bubs?


ZHW postnatal exercise classes use circuit training, weights, boxercise, gentle jogging, abdominal work, core strength, cardio, resistance training, stretching, and much more. We also specialize in a gentle approach to recovery and when you’re ready you can come along to the more advanced class.


There is no pressure, gentle flexible class structure lets you stop and start class activities whenever you like. There is a kind supportive and fun atmosphere so you can have a laugh.... leave any seriousness behind, and be a little playful. Most of all its a great way to give yourself just a little bit of precious me time and even make a few friends along the way. We often grab a coffee after class....


With the council subsidy you get an experienced and safe trainer with specialized training, but It’s really cheap! (only $17!)
And there is absolutely no contracts or commitments necessary. Which means if you're up till the wee hours with your "bundle of joy", you can rest without losing anything.
Plus the programs run for the entire school term which means you can miss a few along the way and still keep up with the gentle program.

So if you are looking for a fun, effective way to get fit and feel energized without spending much at all come along and give ZHW Mums and Bubs a try!


For more information contact: info@zhw.com.au

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