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ZHW Personal Training


What is ZHW personal training?

ZHW personal training starts with a free introductory session where we sit down, get to know you a little and work out your goals. We then go away and write up an effective strategy, usually covering 4 - 8 weeks depending on your specific needs. 

Following this,  session by session we work with you one to one, monitoring diet, fitness levels, bodily changes and general wellbeing through out the process. 
Over this period you will be exposed to an array of exercises and in the mean time slowly exposed to a wealth of information regarding your fitness and your lifestyle. 

Although many of our clients have been avid longterm followers (10 years plus), we take pride in getting you to a point where you don't need us any more. This means that after working with us you have the knowledge, skill and understanding of how to exercise, how to self motivate and even teach friends and family!

Our expert fitness instruction includes over ten years of experience and using the latest research we put together for you an individualised plan to get you to where you need to be: Super Fit, Strong and Happy!

We use a large variety of exercises, which is a key factor in developing fitness. 


Zenith Personal Training

Why ZHW Personal Training?

We pride ourselves on our good results. We also pride ourselves on making you work hard and have fun at the same time. A good sense of humour is a great motivator. 
It's not just about the skills, we inspire and motivate you to stay on course through the hard times and get real results!


*As long time fitness professionals we have preferred physiotherapists we work along side with. However we are more than happy to work with one of your choice.

About Us

Personal Training
Zenith is a leading provider of health and fitness services in the Inner-West and Eastern Sydney region.

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Including the Inner-west and Eastern Sydney region
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