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Pure Strength


Would you like to change the shape of your body whilst developing functional lasting strength?
Do you like real and lasting results?

Are you ready for a challenge? Do you like being STRONG?


Then Pure Strength is the class for you. 


Pure Strength uses the challenge of your own body mass to develop real, functional and lasting muscular strength. 
Designed with safety in mind, consulting physiotherapists and gymnastics instructors. PureStrength is no ordinary strength and conditioning regime. 
Each individual is given challenges and milestones, a strength training schedule to suit their level of progress in a training program covering the 5 essential strength training exercises with over 9 levels to attain. 


“I am stronger than I have been in over ten years, and it feels great!” DP Leichhardt


Based on the latest research in strength and conditioning combined the oldest of origins, evolution studies in human lifestyle and movement, Pure Strength hones in on what the body does best - Move its own weight!

This class will define your functional strength and power, using a small group of body weight exercises which progress over time in complexity and difficulty.
You will learn how to use your body and your mind to develop and maintain strength for the rest of your life!

This class is for people ready to share in some grit and determination to build a strong functional body for life.

Pure Strength

Pure strength  

Medically, increasing muscular strength and conditioning is known to improve health in many ways, including reducing the effects of aging (specifically muscle decrease), greater immune system response, increased metabolism, increased bone density, better circulation, posture improvement, decrease injury likelihood etc.


This is not a fad class or a flash in the pan. It comes from tried and tested methods used by sports stars and athletes for lasting results.  So if you are looking for real strength and conditioning, and a strong body for life, then book in for a free trial session


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