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Are you feeling stressed or worn out?

Are your muscles stiff and sore?

Or does your body just ache for a little TLC?

Are you looking to live healthier but don't have the energy or motivation to lug heavy weights around or run around the block?
Or does conventional exercise just bore you to death?


Then Tai Chi Flow is the class you've been looking for. 


Tai Chi Flow  is a  Tai Chi class specifically designed to relax your body back into balance with life. 
Functional flowing movements, add fun, harmony and joy, loosening up muscles and minds.  


Based on the traditional Yang luchan tai chi traditions, and combined with Qi gong (chi kung) techniques from all over Asia, Tai Chi Flow is a moving meditation practice which is the perfect class to add a little Eastern wisdom without diving in head first. 


What is Tai chi?

Tai chi was originally invented to disguise a powerful martial arts form as a gentle dance. However, when done correctly it is also imbued with powerful regenerative energies (Qi Gong) and mental states which make it one of the most widely practiced and successful techniques for longevity and healthy living. 


Medically it is known to improve many ailments, including:

Balance and coordination
Joint stiffness
Muscle tension
Poor posture


Tai Chi flow is a specializedtai chi class, teaching you how to flow with ease and grace, the way your body is meant to.  It’s also just a great way to shake out stress and loosen knots, teaching you a peaceful way to self soothe and move with joy. 


Why not come along and enjoy finding your body's natural ease of movement?
For more information contact: info@zhw.com.au


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